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Firstly, we offer a free of charge preliminary study at your power plant facilities.

Then we present our recommendations including: energy saving calculations, installation costs and subsidies eligible for each identified project.

Then we take care of the installation, permit applications and grant applications. We also take care to train your staff on the maintenance and operation of new equipment.

One year later, we will carry out a complete inspection of the equipment to ensure the continuous long-term operation of your new systems.


Gain up to 10%. PRI (period of return on your investment) 1-4 years: IRR (internal rate of return) from 25 to 50%.

Thermotech can update your old burner with a high efficiency system and low percentage of O2, thereby significantly reducing your fuel consumption (natural gas or other). A typical burner is operating at 4-6% O2, but all our burners operate at 3% O2 without the typical emissions of CO. A typical burner installation can reduce gas consumption by 2 to 6%, with a return on investment usually within 3 years.

We can adapt these burners for most boiler pipes and water pipes.

Call us now for an evaluation of your potential.

Gain from 3 to 15%. PRI 3-5 years, IRR 35% or less.

Depending on the application, the potential savings can vary between 3 and 15% and construction materials vary according to each project. CBW are the only ones to offer duplex stainless steel pipes (series blend 300 and 400) for applications without degasser and condensation.

Lately, CBW has patented a new system of recovery of condensing gas flue for mixing gas water with the new water. For more information, click here…

Gain de 2 to 8% PRI less than 2 ans, IRR 50% or more.

This is a very simple project that we have developed for several customers. Many chimneys develop a great “draw” due to the conditions of operations and mother nature (weather). Our system consists of installing an automated shutter according to the pressure in the chimney. This allows the restriction of the exhaust gases and to increase the thermal exchange within the boiler or process furnace. The flap can also be closed when the boiler is shut down to better retain heat and energy.

A very fast return on your investment, eligible grants and low installation costs. A gain of 2 to 8%.


Gain de 2 to 6% PRI 1 to 3 years. PRI less 3 years, IRR 30% or more.

Micro-modulation is used to optimise the efficiency of existing burners of 1.5 million btu and more by replacing your modulation motor which manages the fuel and air inlet to around 5 combustion points regulated by 2 independent motors. – both of which can be adjusted to within 0.1 degree.  A controller is used to manage all the elements of this system, allowing it to anticipate necessary functions based on the data received. Furthermore, we can programme 4 curves or more of combustion and this, on 17 points of combustion or more.  At any time, a system of analysis of the gas combustion in the chimney can be installed, to ensure the efficiency of your boiler or furnace.  To help with the use of your system, a tactile screen is offered to facilitate the management of different options, permitting viewing in real time of readings, stages of combustion and the opening of air dampers and valves.

For boilers of 1000hp or less, we are the proud representatives for Autoflame, the pioneer and leader in this field for more than 40 years.

Energy savings may vary between 2 and 6% annually depending on your application.

The period of recovery of your investment is often around 3 years or less, representing an internal rate of return over 25 years of approximately 30% or more.

Thermotech Combustion has developed its own CSA approved system: the integrated and intelligent combustion control system (SIIC)

Based on PLC (programmable logic controller) or DCS, our integrated and intelligent system control (SIIC) combines the safety functions (BMS) and micro-modulation (FARC). It is designed to fit any industrial process and is CSA approved according to the CSA code B149.3-10 for on-site approvals.


Control strategy tailored to the specific needs of each customer | Controls one or more burners | Operator interface for quick viewing of the process | Controlled air / fuel ratio for fuel consumption reduction | Modulation adapted to the needs of the process | Many curves available | Sequential Modulation | Alarm Management | Easier Maintenance

Gain of 1 to13% PRI less than 2 years, IRR 50% or more

The Cannon Boiler Works vent condenser provides energy savings on your steam vents while ensuring the removal of oxygen.

Gain of 3 to 7%  PRI 4 to 7 years, IRR 25% and less.

Reduces the surface purges to less than 1% eliminates the consumption of amines and increase the lifespan of your boiler.

Gain of 2 to 6%  PRI 5-8 years, IRR 20% and less.

This system reduces maintenance costs and uses the flash steam and sensible heat normally lost to your condensed tanks

Gain of 2 to 5% PRI 2 years or less, IRR 50% or more…

This collector is installed in order to preheat the fresh water of your steam boilers, without creating water hammer.

Gain of 4 to 12% PRI 3 or less, IRR 35% or more.

Did you know that leaking traps lose you an average of $ 1,000 per year and in 80% of cases, they cost only $ 600 on average to replace? Thermotech Combustion offers a complete service including: audit, preparation of the report of energy losses and recommendations, optimisation of steam-condensate network, repair or replacement of defective traps, improving the design of existing piping and monitoring of recommendations and improvements.

As we do not represent any specific brands of traps, there is no conflict of interest and therefore this helps you to reduce your inventory of replacement parts.

For a company working in the plastic mouldings sector, we carried out the installation of a heat recovery system to the outlet of an incinerator which treats process waste before it’s discharged into the atmosphere. Through the heat exchanger, the air to be treated is now preheated to 80 ° F to 460 ° F before entering the incinerator, this permits a reduction of more than 40% of natural gas consumption.

Result> The customer benefited from a positive return on investment within the first year and two days were enough to complete the installation of the recovery system.

The goal is to collect exhausted gas from the chimney using an air-air heat exchanger to preheat the combustion air inlet of the burner or burners. This can be applied to furnaces, kilns, incinerators, etc.


This is one example of achievement for which Thermotech Combustion was nominated in 2012 at the Energy Gala of the Quebec Association for Energy Management (AQME).

The project involved the implementation of an Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) for one of our clients in the field of plastic mouldings. A heat recovery system was installed at the exit of the incinerator that processes waste before being discharged into the atmosphere. Through the heat exchanger, the air to be treated is preheated to 80 ° F to 460 ° F before entering the incinerator, allowing a reduction of more than 40% of natural gas consumption.

Problem and solution:

Due to environmental concerns, our client had to perform the installation of an incinerator to process POCs from their extrusion process. Obviously, this addition has significantly increased the company’s production cost. Concerned with both the environment issues and the profitability of its customers, Thermotech Combustion proposed a high-temperature heat exchanger to recover some of the energy generated by this traditional incinerator.

The incinerator is designed to keep the air releases of the production lines at a constant temperature of 1450 ° F for about 1 second. Before the work of installing the heat recovery system, we measured the natural gas flow from the incinerator with a rotary meter.

Two days were required to complete the installation of the system. For this customer, whose production operates 24 hours a day 5 days a week, the installation work was carried during the weekend to avoid a shutdown. The incinerator stack was cut, the made-to-measure recovery system was installed and the air line from the plant was diverted to the economiser to enable preheating of air that was to be treated. The energy that was drawn from the evacuated gas and transferred to the air to be treated no longer now has to be supplied by the burner – which has resulted in a significant reduction in natural gas consumption. Suite à l’installation de l’échangeur, le débit de gaz naturel fût également mesuré et comparé au débit mesuré avant l’implantation de la MEÉ.

Savings and Gains:

The real economic savings for this project, based on an operation of 7,500 hours per year is 102 000 m3 / year. Calculated on the price of m3 of the client, it has achieved substantial savings and return on investment period of only one year.

With the assistance of the engineering department at Thermotech Combustion, the customer also benefited from financial assistance from Gaz Métro for the implementation of this Energy Efficiency Measure. The grant was for $ 25,000 (the maximum allowed for this category of customer)

Project summary:

Type of measure: Heat recovery

Annual savings (m3): 102 000 m3

Grant received: $ 25,000 PRI: 1 year


One of our specialists will be happy to analyse your system and provide you with:

  • A proposal for the establishment of an Energy Efficiency Measure (MEE) tailored to your needs
  • A technical and economic study for obtaining grant
  • Savings and PRI calculations for the project
  • Necessary technical support

Process furnaces offer several possible projects for Energy Efficiency Measures: improving modulating burners, preheating combustion air, anticipation of production, pressurisation of combustion chambers etc.

We will proceed with an analysis of your facilities to identify where Energy Efficiency Measures are needed, while taking into account the cost of purchasing equipment, installation costs and the eligibility of subsidies from various organisations. In many cases, we offer performance guarantees.


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