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Fire Tubes Boilers

> HurstManufacturer since 1967, Hurst Boiler specializes in various types of boilers that are durable, easy to repair and adapt to your needs and your budget .

6.5 hp to 125 hp Vertical Boiler
> HurstThe solution if you are looking for a compact boiler that offers all the benefits of good sustainable boiler, which is easy to maintain and provides excellent steam quality .

Biomasse Boiler Systems from 50 hp to 2000 hp and more…
> HurstTo produce steam or hot water, Hurst Boiler offers a complete range of concepts that can adapt to different fuels applications.

Industrial Boiler Systems
> Hurst

> St-JohnsonAn excellent affordable burner offering several advantages ; good ratio over low heat , silent, excellent modulation on the air and easily repairable in the flame tube.

> Limpsfield. Adaptive systems to all non-traditional applications; hydrogen, biogas, diesel, etc. They also offer energy saving guarantees.

> Cannon Boiler WorksCBW are the first to offer a seamless flue gas recovery , which makes it easily repairable and very efficient , especially on the pressure loss plan .

> AutoflameIn 1972 Autoflame were the first to offer micro- modulation on the burners. Their extensive experience has provided quality equipment and reliable. They also offer more options than any other manufacturer.

Steam Accumulators
> Cannon Boiler WorksA vent condenser permits energy savings on your steam vents while ensuring the removal of oxygen.


> Maxon
> Éclipse
> Hauck
> Pillard
> North American

> Allen Bradley PLC
> Delta V DCS
> Omron
> Siemens
> Honeywell
> Fireye

Steam Generator
> Clayton

Tube Boilers & Aqua Pipes
> Novatherm

Hot Water Boilers

Skimmers Condensing

Gas Recovery System for Steam Production
> Clayton


We have access to a full range of different manufacturers to meet your profit objectives .

Industrial Flares
> Flare Industries

Regenerative Incinerators
> ComencoTo ensure control of your emanations of your process with an affordable operating cost.

> Fisher
> Samson
> Spence
> Armstrong


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