Gas Combustion Analysers (Sonde O2, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2)

To read the emissions of your burners, we offer several measuring devices. In addition, we support the calibration, installation, training and monitoring.

Our EGA system offered in partnership with Autoflame can recognise your continuous production of CO2, NOx, CO and SO2; it is also approved by the EPA.

The environment and air quality are, as we all know, extremely important. If you are a big emitter of CO2, we can help you analyse your emissions and suggest several initiatives to reduce your them and CO2 production. We can also install and calibrate measuring instruments confirming your CO2 production level, CO, NOx, SO2, etc.

Please Note that any change of burners in a process producing 10 million BTU / hour (300 hp) or any new device of this power must comply with the new standards of air quality, especially in terms of NOx. Contact us for more information.

To manage a biogas burner, we strongly recommend reading the CO. If it rises too high, an alarm will be sent and a fuel change is done automatically.

Contact us to learn more about this service.


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