In 1974, Cannon Boiler Works developed an economiser which is easy to repair and clean – the only one of its kind! The cost of replacing the economiser tubes is very high and there is often not enough space in which to remove them – usually resulting in the intervention of high pressure welding instead. The CBW economiser tubes are connected with a good mechanical seal of 600psig and the base of the economiser is always designed with a recovery system for the cleaning water or condensation thereby avoiding spillages in your boiler, furnace or generating processor.

Depending on the application, the potential savings vary between 3 and 5% and construction materials may vary in accordance with the aim of the project. CBW is the only company to offer duplex stainless steel pipes (series blend 300 and 400) for applications without a degasser and condensation. Recently, CBW has patented a new system of recovery of a condensing gas flue allowing the mixing of gas water with the new water.

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