In 1972, Autoflame became the first to offer micro-modulation for burners.  Their vast experience allows them to provide quality and reliable equipment whilst offering more options than any other manufacturer.

Micro-modulation is used to optimise the efficiency of existing burners of 1.5 million btu and more by replacing your modulation motor which manages the fuel and air inlet to around 5 combustion points regulated by 2 independent motors. – both of which can be adjusted to within 0.1 degree.  A controller is used to manage all the elements of this system, allowing it to anticipate necessary functions based on the data received. Furthermore, we can programme 4 curves or more of combustion and this, on 17 points of combustion or more.  At any time, a system of analysis of the gas combustion in the chimney can be installed, to ensure the efficiency of your boiler or furnace.  To help with the use of your system, a tactile screen is offered to facilitate the management of different options, permitting viewing in real time of readings, stages of combustion and the opening of air dampers and valves.

For boilers of 1000hp or less, we are the proud representatives for Autoflame, the pioneer and leader in this field for more than 40 years.

Energy savings may vary between 2 and 6% annually depending on your application.

The period of recovery of your investment is often around 3 years or less, representing an internal rate of return over 25 years of approximately 30% or more.



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